Internet Leased Lines

Greekstream Networks is a leading company in the field of implementing and installing wireless microwave links. It has developed one of the largest wireless network, through which access to the Internet is achieved through independent redundant circuits. The interconnection with the other providers in Greece is through GRIT.

Through the high-end network, Greekstream Networks offers Internet Feed solutions, high-speed internet connectivity and reliability. Leased circuits that are implemented through Greekstream Networks Wi-Fi network have a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps. Circuit implementation and delivery times are particularly small, due to the company's high tech know-how, expanded Wi-Fi back-bone and turnkey equipment.

The result of all of the above is a high standard service that can deliver wide range speed even at the most inaccessible points.

VPN Tunnel

When there is a need to interconnect your company's remote locations with increased data traffic protection, then we use VPN technology.