Dedicated Servers

For companies that want exclusive use of the resources of a physical system, Greekstream Networks offers the Dedicated Servers solution. All servers are Enterprise Dell Bare metal, based in Thessaloniki's proprietary Data Centers at Greekstream Networks. At the same time, they are interconnected with its 100% Greek Multi-10Gbps BGP network, which has peering with all Greek providers via GR-IX.


Where specialized needs do not allow you to switch directly to the cloud, Greekstream Networks enables you to co-locate your equipment on the datacenter's privately owned site in Thessaloniki. Collocation services provide a completely controlled operating environment for your equipment. It is a fact that in order to take advantage of 100% of your machines, the requirements and specifications for the right operating environment are high and very specific.
Greekstream Networks undertakes the installation of all the necessary equipment in its high specification data center and provides you with the interface on its backbone.
Greekstream Networks has all the necessary ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, ensuring for your equipment and data, security, protection and high availability. At the same time, Greekstream Networks engineers are always next to you, offering you high-level technical support.