Cloud Virtual Machines

Cloud servers from Greekstream Networks consist of standalone virtual servers running Windows or Linux running on Dedicated servers in our company's Data Center proprietary. Our Dedicated Servers are constantly taking care to properly manage and share shared RAM, CPU, and Storage resources on each Cloud VPS, making full use of them on the basis of the needs of each user.
These Virtual Machines are intended for all those who want a root access server and their needs do not justify the procurement of a Dedicated Server. It is the most appropriate and cost-effective way to enter Cloud Computing, Greekstream Networks can provide Unique performance, stability and 99.9% uptime across its range of services, selecting Dell, HP and Cisco Enterprise Class.
Cloud infrastructure consists of an array of bare metal servers, network devices, storage media storages, interconnected in High Availability layout.
In the event of a server malfunction, they undertake - through a fully automated process - that the rest can cover the required resources. At the same time, the owner of a Cloud server enjoys maximum flexibility, having the ability to stream the resources they need directly, such as adding CPU cores, adding extra disk or adding RAM.

Cloud Storage

Storage, storage and sharing of data and business records is a vital factor for any modern business. Greekstream Networks offers storage and file sharing services in its Cloud, providing access to different computers, tablets, smartphones and general network devices.
Greekstream Networks advances the Cloud Storage service to Business level, with the capability to provide enterprise class storage services with guaranteed data security and customizable Cloud Backup built on the needs of each partner.

Cloud Streaming

Having as a goal and aiming to develop and deliver solutions even to the most specialized requirements of our associates, we have developed an audio and video transmission experience on the internet. By providing specialized customization based on the type of service (only sound or picture and sound), we can also cover every possible need, regardless of the load and quality that can be required each time.

GreekStream Networks can provide immediate and complete solutions to the following services:

Web Radio - Broadcasting / Broadcasting
Video on demand - On-demand video transmission
Web TV - Television broadcast / retransmission
Video live streaming - Live video and audio transmission
Audio on demand - Audio on demand
Audio live streaming - Live audio streaming
Telemedicine - Telemedicine
Teleconference / Web conferencing - Teleconferencing of organizations, private and public bodies
Live webinars / Teleseminars - Online coverage of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and events
IP CCTV - Remote surveillance of closed-circuit television online Advertising - Advertising of products, services, companies and e-shop
The flexibility provided by our proprietary Enterprise class equipment and our high expertise combined with the cloud computing infrastructure guarantee the seamless operation of any service, even in the most demanding conditions.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is a service through which you check and inform you of any malfunction of your equipment or service. At the same time, certified engineers of Greekstream Networks, acquire knowledge in real time and depending on the seriousness of the incident, inform you or intervene to resolve it.
Cloud Monitoring is fully customizable to customer needs.

Cloud Firewall

With this service, Greekstream Networks gives you the ability to create custom firewall rule set behind your hardware. The result of this service is the complete unloading of the software firewalls of the machines, as well as their maximum security.

Disaster Recovery

Many companies, even today, do not have sufficient Disaster Recover (DR) plans for their IT infrastructure. In most cases, disaster recovery is considered too expensive, complex and unreliable to cover the full range of enterprise applications, thus limiting its application to Mission Critical services only.
Disaster recovery of Greekstream Networks is a high-standard security service that protects your DATA from any kind of disaster.